How Do You Fill A Skip Properly?

Get the most out of your skip. Using a skip bin hire in Joondalup is a fantastic way to get rid of large quantities of waste. When used correctly, it can be an incredibly effortless and cost-efficient way to manage rubbish removal. However, if you don’t fill your skip properly, you may find yourself running out of space so it is important to be mindful of how you sort your waste to make sure that your skip is loaded with efficiency and effectiveness.

Here is a handy guide to follow so you can fill your skip like a pro.

These Materials Do Not Belong in a Skip Bin

Materials Do Not Belong in a Skip Bin
Materials Do Not Belong in a Skip Bin

It is important to remember that not everything can be put in a skip bin. Care needs to be taken to ensure the materials are safe for the environment, otherwise different waste removal options should be considered. Before you organize your skip bin hire Joondalup you should have a good idea of what you wish to place inside the skip and ensure that none of these following items is on your list. Some of the forbidden materials are:

  • Asbestos
  • Car tyres
  • Toxic Chemicals
  • Wet paint
  • Flammable materials
  • Food Scraps
  • Explosives
  • Dirty Nappies 
  • Sanitary Items

Place the Waste Close to The Skip

After you sorted the wastes produced by your project, place it close to where you will position the skip bin. Thus, it will be easier for you to fill the skip bin, also you can get a better estimation of the right skip bin size you need to hire. 

By putting the skip bin within your property area, you can assure there is no unwanted waste is thrown inside it.

Organise Your Rubbish Mindfully

Organise Your Rubbish Mindfully
Organise Your Rubbish Mindfully

In order to ensure that there is no unused space in your skip, you need to make sure that you layer your waste. By methodically organising your rubbish and sorting them into categories, you will make the whole process easier and be able to maximise efficiency.

The first thing you should do is place any flat items into the skip. This includes things like paper, cardboard, wooden planks, sheet metal and plasterboard. Make sure all items are lying flat and facing the same direction. This should cover the bottom and allow things to be placed on top simply.

Next, you should place regularly shaped items that can fit together nicely such as bricks. The regularity will allow you to create another flat surface to put things on top of. If you cannot fill the entire base, place some remaining objects in the rest of the space.

The next layer is where you’ll put your large, bulky objects such as appliances or furniture. If you can break them down into smaller components, you should. Try and arrange everything so that you are not wasting space.

Lastly, you should put all the lighter items and loose debris. These items will be able to fill any gaps created by the larger items.

Don’t Overfill Your Skip Bin Hire

Remember, overfilling your skip bin is illegal and your waste will not be accepted if it protrudes above the rim. That’s why it is so important to get the most space you can out of your skip so that you can save time and money.

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