Autumn Sale It’s Time to Clean the Yard Up Before Winter

Take advantage of our autumn sale and get you backyard cleaned up and ready for winter. As a top skip bin hire in Perth, Jim’s Skip Bins provides exactly what you need to get your yard tidied up so that it is still looking fantastic as we head into June. Skip bins in Perth are an excellent aid for your garden waste management. Here are several, autumn clean up tips that will help keep your garden in great shape.

Make sure you feed lawn

After a scorching summer, few lawns are able to escape the browning and withering that accompanies the summer heat. That is why it is essential to give you lawn some sustenance in order to allow it to refuel and replenish. By fertilising now, you will assist in the overall wellbeing of your plant, from restoring the soil nutrients to maintaining the health of the roots. The ideal time to do this would be during April or the first few weeks of May.

Don’t stop watering

Just because it isn’t blazing hot anymore doesn’t mean you should stop watering your plants. Most of the flora in your garden will still be quite thirsty in the autumnal months. It’s a good idea to water them early in the morning to reduce the amount of evaporation

Rearrange your plants

Autumn is a great time to get on top of your perennials, particularly if they are a little bit overcrowded. Dividing them is easy, all you need to do is find the root ball, separate it and then replant in a more desirable spot. Now is also the best time to plant any fall bulbs.

Get rid of all your fallen leaves

Autumn is known for the tree’s distinctly colourful foliage which will mostly end up in your yard. As such, raking all the fallen leaves is also a distinctly autumnal experience. It’s worth doing this regularly and especially before rainfall to avoid having piles of heavy, damp foliage clogging up your gutters and messing up your yard. A green waste skip bin hire in Perth may be a good option if you find yourselves with more garden waste than you know what to do with.

Mow lower than you think

As it will be harder to mow your lawn throughout the winter it’s a good idea to cut the grass lower than you would usually so that it doesn’t look too overgrown and wild when spring finally comes.

Use skip bins in Perth to clean up

If you need to get rid of any green waste, now is the perfect time. Similarly, any old patio furniture or lawn equipment that should sooner be in the tip than stored away indefinitely would be great use for skip bins in Perth. Read here for more info on how to properly fill a skip.

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